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"My sorority sister had tried these a few months ago and told me these pills were amazing. I didn't believe her until I tried them myself and I lost 10lbs in 2 weeks!"

Decreases My Bloating Fast!

"I have been taking this product for about a week now & I can honestly say it’s amazing. The very first day I took I immediately noticed a decrease my bloating"

~Jessica P.
Easy To Swallow & No Smell Or After Taste

"The pill is now smaller and easier to swallow. There's no taste so it's also very easy to take with water or before a heavy meal!"

~Jennifer Rodriguez
My Mood Got Better

"This product has improved my mood & stamina. I love that it’s all natural, unlike heavy medicinsI take. I really love it."

Love it so much

"This is a game-changer - I feel so confident and vibrant when I take these babies. I thought this was a joke when my friend told me about them, but then I tried them and I felt supercharged."

Missed Periods Gone!

"My missed periods were giving me total anxiety and I was really depressed about it. I started these pills in November and by December I actually got my period for the first time in 5 months! I can't recommend these enough!"

Lost 12lbs In The First Month

"One main thing I noticed was this helped me get back my waist line fast! I went from 144 to 132 in about a month. I didn't change anything drastically in my life either."

~Rebecca N.
Boosted My Spirit & My Libido

"Apart from the boost in confidence I noticed an increase in my energy and a decrease in my stress levels. After a rough day at work, my spirit felt crushed and I couldn't provide much for my partner. I love that these awaken my fun side fast and the ingredients are all natural. These Boss Desire pills have made a big difference in my life!"

~Chloe Salidina
Fight The Feminine Fatigue

"This supplement really helps your mind + body get in the mood, especially on those days where you’re a little extra stressed or tired and need the boost. Definitely recommend trying it if you’re on the fence!"

~Bethany Johnson

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Balance your body with Boss Flow

Period Relief
Painful Cramps
Heavy Flow
Adult Acne

Balance your body with Boss Desire

Boost Energy
Intensify Sensation
Enhance Pleasure
Increase Desire & Confidence

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Fight weight gain

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Period Relief

Painful Cramps

Heavy Flow

Adult Acne

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Boost Energy

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Increase Desire & Confidence


Products Made by Women For Women! Period.

The Natasha Brand is on a mission to provide support to all women in every stage of womanhood through powerful, All Natural Supplements! Our product bundles include, PCOS support supplements for women, PMS Gummies for Women, and Energy Booster for Women!

Gives back

Every purchase helps supportwomen’s health issues.

Every bottle sold at Natasha's allows us to donate a portion of our sales to help women in need of vital vitamins during their pregnancy.

We are committed to making sure all women at every stage of their hormonal life cycle are supported.


The Natasha Brand is on a mission to help women experiencing feminine imbalance to manage their symptoms. This includes pcos, waist management, appetite support, and period relief. You’re not alone! Over 12 million women use Natasha’s seeking products for managing their specific health needs.

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